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Dredging Gold Coast

Sandman Dredging is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has over 30 years experience successfully maintaining canals and waterways, deepening boat moorings in marinas, private pontoons and jettys and restoring sandy beaches on canal properties and waterfront land in South East Queensland.

Sandman Dredging is fully insured including public liability. We are EPA licensed SR2199 Permit No ENRE00770208 and have been a Gold Coast City Council recommended dredging contractor for a number of years. Sandman Dredging is also contracted with the Gold Coast City Council to maintain revetment walls in canals and waterways of the Gold Coast, in it's maintenance program.

Maintaining of revetment walls on private property, even if the wall is located outside the boundary of the private property it is the responsibility of the owner under state legislation. In most cases, keeping material (sand, rocks ect) in front of the wall can keep the wall from becoming unsound.

Maintaining the depth under and around private pontoons is vital to avoid damage and costly repairs to the pontoon and vessels moored on them. Engaging our dredging assures that you can move your boat freely in and out of mooring areas without fear.

Dredging Services

Sand Beach Restorations
There is nothing better than your own well structured and maintained sandy beach beach right in front of your home. Re-profiling of your canal frontage will serve to maintain the investment potential and capital growth of your property whilst you enjoy the full benefits available to you with your canal waterfront property with a magnificent private beach area.

We specialise in re-profiling your canal front sandy beach as a preventative measure against erosion of your waterfront property by maintaining to support your revetment walls. To ensure the year round beauty and benefits of your own sandy beach, we have a maintenance schedule where your private beach can be reprofiled every 6 to 12 months to keep it looking good all year round.

When it comes time to dredge your water front, call us as we can arrange the whole process for you to achieve the best result possible. Many people think that you can dredge as much as you want, however this is not correct.. Your canal frontage has what is called a canal profile. The canal profile is the gradient to which the canal can be dredged too, anymore than this can cause issues for neighboring properties and weaken retaining walls either side of your property.
Beach re-profiling is a preventative measure against erosion of your waterfront property by maintaining the support against your revetment wall.

When it comes to the sandy beach restoration and canal reprofiling it pays to use an experienced professional and with over 30 years experience in canal dredginf on the Gold Coast Sandman Dreding is your best choice. Call us today.

Boat Moorings and Pontoon Canal Dredging
We specialise in maintaining the depth under all boat mooring facitilities, private pontoons, private and public jetties. Maintaining the sufficient water depth at low tide is vital for avoiding hull and prop damage which cause costly repairs to the structure and vessels moored on them. Using our sand dredges means that you can move your boat freely in and out of mooring areas with ease at all tidde levels. The size of our dredges and our dredging equipment allows for us to complete the dredging safely and with the best results.
The team at Sandman Dredging can remove built-up sand and silt from under and around canal pontoons on the Gold Coast to re-instate the original water depth.

We specialises in:
  • Removing sand, rock and marine mud
  • Deepening the boat mooring spaces around pontoons, jetties and boat moorings
  • Restoring and profiling canal sandy beach waterfronts
  • Maintenance dredging

About Us

Established in 1979, Sandman Dredging is a local family owned and operated business that has been on the Gold Coast for over thirty years.

We operate a fully serviced and maintained fleet of three sand dredges, each capable of the tasks required to deepen around pontoons and jetties as well as restoring private sandy beaches in front of waterfront homes.

We specialise in restoring sandy beaches on waterfront land, deepening boat moorings in and around jetties, pontoons, marina berths and full maintenance dredging channels, canals, lakes and dams.